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View the operational feeding stations and nesting boxes here.
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The garden is not simply a place of relaxation or production, it has become an essential link in the preservation of biodiversity. From the hedgehog to the smallest insect, all play an important role in the ecosystem of our planet. Observe them, learn about their way of life, their sleep cycle, their diet, their interest in nature, is essential. In addition, having them in your garden is an undeniable sign of a healthy and pleasant garden. The aim of this site is the observation and understanding of the animal kingdom in this small universe that is the garden.. A whole bunch of tools are therefore developed, of the camera to observe the nesting of birds or the behavior of hedgehogs, making feeders or drinkers. Come and discover with us the happiness of what surrounds us, In

Le Jardin de l’Oiseau Bleu

Our cameras ?

If you want to know all about the cameras we use to film in our nest boxes…

And our additional lighting system

Scalable according to the size of the nest box, 3, 6 or 9 LED. Daytime system with automatic start-up depending on the intensity of daylight. Power supply 12 v parallel to the camera + Fastening system.
To find out all about this additional lighting, watch this video :

Introducing TwilightSwitch, automatic lighting for nest box.

If you are interested in these shooting materials, contact us. Send us your video link, we will give you visibility by broadcasting your images on this page.

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🔴 Birdhouse(s) in the spotlight

(all nest boxes are accessible from the gallery 🐣)

🔴 The isolated camera

🔴 And directly 24/7 le Jardin de l'Oiseau Bleu : Isolated camera

🔴 The Fountain and its Jacuzzi

🔴 And directly 24/7 le Jardin de l'Oiseau Bleu : The Fountain and its Jacuzzi

All videos are on the same page for better accessibility. Nevertheless, the number of videos you can open may be limited by the speed of your internet connection.

You can enlarge each video to play them in full screen. During nest box periods, you can choose the one you want to read more particularly in the bottom list (unframed images). It's up to you to choose for better flexibility.

During the nesting period the tab “birdhouse(s) in the spotlight” only has a few interesting nest boxes, to access all the nest boxes go to the tab “At the Gallery”

Warning :
I want to expressly point out that this is a permanent wildlife live stream! Some situations can be disturbing for sensitive people !!! In addition, I don't sit under the stations or under the nest boxes all day, nor does it constantly monitor the live stream, so I can't help immediately, even in an emergency ! Such situations would not be noticeable if there was no camera and would then follow a natural course..

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The season usually starts in early March, Thanks for your patience.

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